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June 19, 2014: 24-year-old retired Cpl. William “Kyle” Carpenter, who lost an eye after taking a grenade blast in Afghanistan to save a fellow Marine, received the Medal of Honor (the nation’s highest military honor.)

Carpenter required almost 40 surgeries and multiple skin grafts, President Obama said, leaving him with a prosthetic eye, a new jaw and teeth, and “one hell of a smile.”

But really, his smile is on point. In love


He smile is still beautiful. This guy is my hero and inspiration

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Workout Wednesday - Toning! 

Every Wednesday we will post a new set of exercises for you all to complete (: This week we did toning (without weights)! You can choose a combination (or follow our suggestions) for the week! Really push yourself to improve as the week goes on and give it your all :D

So for this week we suggest you do :

  1. Beginners 10 reps or 20 seconds for each exercise
  2. Regular: 20 reps or 30 seconds for each exercise
  3. Advanced: 30 reps or 45 second for each exercise

We recommend repeating each workout for 3 sets! Our guided plan would be to alternate between a day of legs & butt exercises and a day of arms, back, and abs exercises.

**Choose whichever day(s) you need as a rest day(s) ! 

We did not provide examples of each workout because if we did this post would be way too long! Instead we have provided this site which has many workout examples and you can always google for an example! If there are questions about a certain exercise feel free to message us!

*Also, as a bonus if you have a pull up bar they provide a great workout for your back & arms so feel free to add that into your routine!

*And for help mastering push ups you can check out Fitannes post here!

If you have any questions please let either one of us know! We would love to see/hear how your workouts are going so please post and tag hardworktoethefinishline! Or you can tag our blog names separately (:

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My boyfriend sent this to me last night when I was down and it made my heart melt


My boyfriend sent this to me last night when I was down and it made my heart melt


I crave you. I crave your kiss. I crave your arms around me. I crave your touch. I crave your laugh. I crave your smile. I crave your eyes. I crave your voice. I crave your presence. I crave being with you. 

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